Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures in Fresno, CA

In our office an implant denture is a Supreme denture that is attached to the patients jaw bone with the use of 2-6 implants depending on the case.

Permanent Denture 

The Permanent Denture represents the pinnacle in denture technology at this time. This type of denture is actually attached to implants such that it not able to be removed by the patient, but can be removed by the dentist. The entire denture is supported by the implants and puts no pressure on the gum tissue. This denture gives the patient absolute confidence and allows them to eat anything they want. This is as close to having natural teeth again that patients can get while having a denture.

How does it work?

With a patient with remaining teeth, the teeth are extracted and the implants are placed. If the implants are placed in sturdy enough bone then a temporary healing denture can be attached to the implants and the patient leaves with new teeth that very same day. If the bone is not as good as the dentist would like the patient still goes home with teeth that day, but they are not attached to implants until they heal to the jaw bone. Once the area has healed the denture can then be attached to the implants. This type of denture requires a minimum of 4 implants per denture and in many upper arch cases requires 5-6 implants. After complete implant healing and all the details are worked out with the temporary denture, a final denture is made that is completely implant supported and very strong.

Supporting and retaining Removable Dentures or Partials

Did you ever wonder why there were so many commercials about denture creams and adhesives? Normally traditional dentures sit right on the gums and are not held in by much, especially the lower denture. Over time the bone under a denture shrinks and the denture tends to get looser, sometimes creating sore spots and making it difficult to keep the denture in place. If the patient is fortunate and their denture fits well and stays ‘put’, then the other problem can be that their speech and taste can be affected due to having the roof of their mouth covered.  Either way it becomes a quality of life issue.

Implants can provide a very effective and economical solution to these problems.  As few as 2 implants on the lower arch can stabilize and retain a lower denture so it no longer ‘flops around’ or comes out at the most inconvenient time. Once the implants are attached to your denture, you have a solid denture that works great and keeps the bone in the areas of the implants. 

With 4 implants on the upper arch we can reliably make a denture for you that won’t move around, will not fall out and best of all is open on the roof of your mouth, so that your taste is restored and your speech is much less affected. Implants have truly revolutionized removable dentures, making then solid when you need them to be yet removable for good cleans ability. It truly is a ‘win-win’.




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