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Restoring Your Smile with Dental Implants in Fresno, Clovis, and Madera, CA

Dental implants are an effective and popular way to replace missing teeth and allow you to live the way you want to. You can confidently smile, eat, laugh, talk, and enjoy all your daily activities and not have to worry about your teeth.

Implants have been in use successfully for more than 30 years, and with the trained professionals at the Denture & Implant Center of Fresno, the treatment is one of the safest and most dependable procedures in dentistry. Call leading Fresno dentists, Mark L. Davis, DDS today to get the perfect smile you deserve!


When To Consider Dental Implants

First of all, TEETH are a big deal. 

They are a big part of your image, you use them to talk, smile, eat and interact with others.  When a tooth is missing

things in your mouth start to change.  Bone in the area starts to go away and other teeth start moving.  Years ago the people either got a bridge placed or a partial denture that was removable. 


Now with the advent of dental implants procedure, there is a better solution.  Modern dental implants provide a way to replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth.  They also provide a way to anchor a denture in place so that it is ‘rock solid’ giving you the ability to eat what you want when you want, with complete confidence that you will not be embarrassed by a denture bouncing around.

Replace a Single Tooth, Multiple Teeth, Full Mouth Implants

Single missing tooth:

In this case where a single tooth needs to be replaced, once the implant is healed, a beautiful lifelike crown is made and attached to the implant providing you with new tooth for better chewing, smiling and overall dental stability.

Multiple missing teeth:

Where more than one tooth is missing, 2 or more implants may be placed and one healed, a dental bridge can be placed that will fill in for the group of missing teeth, again providing you with new teeth for better chewing, smiling and overall dental stability. 

All the teeth on one or more arches missing or in need or removal: All on 4 Implants

When this is the situation most people think about a conventional denture, but with the advent of implants there is a permanent solution.  With as few as 4 strategically placed implants a set of teeth can be permanently attached in place, providing a long term permanent solution. This is usually referred to as ‘All-On-4’. In some cases it may require more implants if the bone in that arch has compromises, but we can determine that for you and help you achieve the best long term result customized for your needs.

Supporting and retaining Removable Dentures or Partials

Did you ever wonder why there were so many commercials about denture creams and adhesives?  Normally traditionalLower jaw dental implants near Clovis, CA dentures sit right on the gums and are not held in by much, especially the lower denture. Over time the bone under a denture shrinks and the denture tends to get looser, sometimes creating sore spots and making it difficult to keep the denture in place. If the patient is fortunate and their  denture fits well and stays ‘put’, then the other problem can be that their speech and taste can be affected due to having the roof of their mouth covered.  Either way it becomes a quality of life issue.

Dental implant procedures can provide a very effective and economical solution to these problems. As few as 2 implants on the lower arch can stabilize and retain a lower denture so it no longer ‘flops around’ or comes out at the most inconvenient time. Once the implants are attached to your denture, you have a solid denture that works great and keeps the bone in the areas of the implants. 

With 4 implants on the upper arch we can reliably make a denture for you that doesn’t more around, will not fall out and best of all it is open on the roof of your mouth, so that your taste is restored and your speech is much less affected. Implants have truly revolutionized removable dentures, making then solid when you need them to be yet removable for good cleansability. It truly is a ‘win-win’.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini Implants are just what they sound like.  They are smaller versions of dental implants that are usually used on the lower arch to hold down a denture when the patient has a very narrow ridge and has had a lot of bone loss.  Mini’s are less expensive than full-size implants and have less hold-down power so more implants are usually placed.  The average is 4 mini’s on lower arch to help stabilize the denture. 


How The Dental Implant Works

The dental implant is actually a replacement for the ROOT of a tooth that is missing.  The implant itself is like a small titanium screw that is anchored into the jawbone, and the surrounding bone actually grows right up to the implant creating a super tight bond.  At first this might seem like a major ordeal, but implant placement is usually performed with local anesthetic (lidocaine) leaving the patient awake and aware throughout the procedure.  If that seems like ‘too much’ for you, or you are concerned about the ‘noise” or discomfort, we are well equipped to provide sedation in one of several forms, either nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation or IV sedation. 

Because of the nature of implants, there is a healing period following placement in which the unloaded implant becomes attached to the bone as grows to the surface of the implant, this process is called “integration”.  Once the implant becomes integrated or ‘one with the bone’ it is ready to be used and fortunately there are many different ways implants can be use to help provide dental solutions.

The Advantages of Receiving Dental Implant Treatment

Healthy, secure teeth are essential to your oral health for a multitude of reasons. Natural teeth have strong roots that provide the vital stimulation your jawbone needs to stay strong, function properly and preserve your appearance. When teeth are missing, so are their valuable roots. Dental implant posts provide a substitute for the tooth root which helps keep your bone healthier and your bite stronger.  

A dental implant procedure consists of bio-compatible titanium posts that are easily accepted by the body, allowing the bone to fuse with the posts in a process called osseointegration. Our team of highly skilled dental care professionals offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to your dental implant treatment. We utilize our on-site dental laboratory, Advanced Removable Dental Solutions, for the most trusted, top-of-the-line Staumann® and Hiossen® titanium implants and work closely alongside the most experienced lab technicians to craft your final natural-looking dental prosthetics.

Combining Technology and Compassion for Successful Dental Implant Treatment  

When visiting our Fresno office for your implant dentistry plan, we initiate treatment by conducting a gentle and detailed examination of your current dental state. With the use of innovative technologies such as precise digital x-rays, we can ensure successful and accurate implant placement. For your comfort, we can place your dental implants while you are under carefully monitored oral or IV sedation.

Once placed, you are given several months to heal, creating a secure foundation for your future dental prosthetic. Our Fresno practice offers the following beautiful, top-quality dental restorations for replacing missing teeth:

  • Single-tooth replacement with CEREC, same-day porcelain crowns
  • Custom-crafted denture appliances for a complete arch of teeth
  • Implant-supported bridges and partials for multiple replacements

Each member of our team understands the negative repercussions associated with missing or failing teeth and how they can drastically impact overall health and quality of life. Contact Denture & Implant Center of Fresno now to find out how dental implant treatment can benefit you! 


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