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Dentures are in our name and it a big part of what we do.  If you are needing a denture, whether it be a complete denture, partial denture, removable implant denture or a permanent denture, we are your source for expert denture care.

Denture & Implant Center of Fresno offers 4 different levels of dentures in our complete denture line.

Which Type of Denture Is Right For Me?

Supreme Line (Ivoclar/IvoBase Denture)

The Supreme is our best denture and uses the best materials and processes available to create the strongest, longest wearing and most beautiful denture possible. Its superior strength comes from the denture base being heat-injected, which is a computer controlled process completed in our very own lab by a special processing unit. It leaves the denture base with less porosity, less shrinkage and more stability than any other process.  The Supreme denture’s long wear, comes from special Ivoclar denture teeth (cross-linked polymer) made to work with the Ivoclar heat injection process. The teeth themselves come with a 10 years warranty. The dentures beauty comes from a combination of the superior materials and extra time taken to shape the denture base to look like real gum tissue as much as possible. Because of the greater strength of an Ivoclar processed denture, the Supreme is the only denture that we make when implants are involved. Considering how long people usually keep their denture we feel that the Supreme, even though it is our most expensive denture is the best long term value for our patients. We are proud to be one of the few offices, if not the only office to offer this incredible product and even more proud to offer it at a price that is less than many offices charge for a conventional heat cured or cold cured denture.

Learn more about Ivoclar/IvoBase

Premium Line

The Premium is a very good denture and is our best cold-cured denture. With the premium we use the best cold-cured acrylic on the market and combine it with some of the best teeth on the market (Tru-Byte IPN) to form a beautiful long lasting denture. Our technicians again take the time to shape the denture base to create a realistic effect when placed in the mouth. The Premium is a very nice looking and very high quality denture that will serve its owner for many years.

Classic Line

The Classic is cold-cured and is a very good denture, but it is a step down from the Premium, in quality of denture base material, quality of denture teeth and in shaping of the denture base. Don’t think of the Classic as a bad denture because it will provide its owner with years of serve and is similar in quality to dentures that are offered in many other dental offices. The Classic is the most economical way to get into a quality denture which is still made in our very own on-site lab. While going through the denture making process you will still have the opportunity to meet and talk with the lab technician, which is always the case with any of our complete denture cases. 

Healing Denture

The Healing Denture is not considered a final denture, but is used immediately after extraction of several teeth where there will be a lot of healing of the gums. The Healing denture is made with inexpensive materials and is only meant to be used for 6-12 months at which time a Final denture will be made.

Flexible Aesthetics Partial Denture

As technology improves so does dentistry. We are now able to offer flexible repairable partials with precision milled or 3D printed esthetic clasps that are actually hard to see when the partial is in the patient’s mouth. This is not your parent’s partial; it is a very exciting improvement on what has always been a weak point in removable dentistry. This type of partial has no metal in it, yet is extremely durable.

Cast Metal Partial Dentures

This is the traditional partial that most people have seen with a metal framework and metal clasps, although now esthetic non-metal clasps can be added. This partial is precision cast, strong, lasts for years and replaces any missing teeth on a dental arch that has enough natural teeth to support the partial.

Acrylic Partials 

An acrylic partial is actually meant to be a temporary partial. The entire device is made from acrylic except for the clasps which are made from bent wire. The upside of this partial is that it is fast to make so the patient can get something very quickly and it is inexpensive. The downside is that it rest directly on the gum tissue, the fit is not as good as the other two types of partials and they are much more easily broken.




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