Permanent Denture

The Permanent Denture represents the pinnacle in denture technology at this time. This type of denture is actually attached to implants such that it not able to be removed by the patient, but can be removed by the dentist. The entire denture is supported by the implants and puts no pressure on the gum tissue. This denture gives the patient absolute confidence and allows them to eat anything they want. This is as close to having natural teeth again that patients can get while having a denture.

How does it work?

With a patient with remaining teeth, the teeth are extracted and the implants are placed. If the implants are placed in sturdy enough bone then a temporary healing denture can be attached to the implants and the patient leaves with new teeth that very same day. If the bone is not as good as the dentist would like the patient still goes home with teeth that day, but they are not attached to implants until they heal to the jaw bone. Once the area has healed the denture can then be attached to the implants. This type of denture requires a minimum of 4 implants per denture and in many upper arch cases requires 5-6 implants. After complete implant healing and all the details are worked out with the temporary denture, a final denture is made that is completely implant supported and very strong.




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