Supreme Dentures

Supreme Line (Ivoclar/IvoBase Denture)

The SUPREME is our best denture and uses the best materials and processes available to create the strongest, longest wearing and most beautiful denture possible. Its superior strength comes from the denture base being heat-injected, which is a computer controlled process completed in our very own lab by a special processing unit. It leaves the denture base with less porosity, less shrinkage and more stability than any other process.  The Supreme denture’s long wear, comes from special Ivoclar denture teeth (cross-linked polymer) made to work with the Ivoclar heat injection process. The teeth themselves come with a 10 years warranty. The dentures beauty comes from a combination of the superior materials and extra time taken to shape the denture base to look like real gum tissue as much as possible. Because of the greater strength of an Ivoclar processed denture, the Supreme is the only denture that we make when implants are involved. Considering how long people usually keep their denture we feel that the Supreme, even though it is our most expensive denture is the best long term value for our patients. We are proud to be one of the few offices, if not the only office to offer this incredible product and even more proud to offer it at a price that is less than many offices charge for a conventional heat cured or cold cured denture.

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Implant Dentures

In our office an implant denture is a Supreme denture that is attached to the patients jaw bone with the use of 2-6 implants depending on the case.




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